Book Review : The Hard Way

Spoiler free review

The Hard Way by an American author Lee Child is a crime fictional,thriller with a pinch of action and one of the Jack Reacher novel. Published in 2006 , this book is irresistible for all who love reading thriller.

The protagonist of this book is Jack Reacher who is the fictional character invented by Lee Child. This story has many characters but the main ones are the invincible Jack Reacher, Edward Lane and his men (Taylor, Gregory, Burke, Groom etc), Kate and her daughter Jane, Lauren Pauling , Patti Joseph, Anne, Lane’s ex-workers and many more.

The setting of the story is in New York when Jack is enjoying his coffee in the cafe and he watches a man drive away in Mercedes…. but later got to know that that car contains $ 1 million ransom money. The man in the car was kidnapper who has kidnapped the second wife and daughter, Kate and Jane of Colonel Edward Lane. Now, Reacher’s duty is to find them safely. During the middle of this investigation he came to know the nasty past of the Lane and his men which bring Reacher in dilemma to choose the right path….but this is not the climax. When we think every thing is going according to the Reacher and Pauling plan, the whole story changes.

The Hard Way is a nail- biter and hair raising one, but it also confuses me because of the high level military terms used in this book which I am not able to understand because I do not belong to army and America due to that I am not able to get close to Jack Reacher and Lane and his men who all are ex-military officers or know the reason why they are sooooo rough tough and smart which annoy me because I am not able to understand the background of the most of the characters….but at last ‘ Patience is a great virtue’ so you have to keep patience and ignore these terms. After all the story is amiable and very interesting .

I will suggest the readers to give it space in your book list but it should be your 2nd priority. I will rate The Hard Way 3.5 out of 5.

11 thoughts on “Book Review : The Hard Way

  1. Hey Mannat..! your book review as always makes me curious to read the book. Its such a short n sweet review which tempts a person like me who are not very fond of reading but will still like to read the book.

    Keep it up.

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  2. I have read this book. This review defines the story appropriately. Its very interesting how the story unfolds and keep us glued to the book. This review encourages readers to read this book. All the best.

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  3. What an informative review Mannat!! This helps me make my mind of reading this book..though I am not a book worm…but the way u have written each and every part or scenario of this novel in short and informative way..I certainly wid say…what a reviewer u r!!!
    Gr8 going!!!

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  4. Heyyy…!!
    Your small and sweet book review has really tempted me to read this novel. I will surely look forward to read this one.

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  5. After this review I truly feel that the book must have been great. Looking at the title and the preface I was not feeling interested but after this I am looking forward to read this……..
    Thank you for developing this interest in meπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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