Book Review: Digital Fortress

“Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.”

– Dan Brown , Digital Fortress

This quote was well explained in the fictional techno-thriller book Digital Fortress by an American author Dan Brown, the story of this book, back in 1998( when it was published) was indeed impossible but “It always seems impossible until it’s done .” (Nelson Mandela) and this quote was proved in Dan Brown’s spectacular debut book, ‘ Digital Fortress‘.

The human mind is the fastest computer in existence.

– Dan Brown, Digital Fortress

This book will surely going to enhance your knowledge almost in every aspect, and will give your mind tickle to solve the codes. This book is the great combination of technology, history, science and thriller., but by the end of the book some of you may feel that the book was quite easy to surmise and was bit exaggerated about the technology but always remember , from this book you cannot judge the author’s writing.

You can’t jump for the stars if your feet hurt

– Dan Brown, Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress revolve around NSA ( National Security Agency) of United State’s department of cryptology ,Commander Trevor Strathmore, Susan Fletcher and her fiance David Becker who is a professor and Ensei Tankado who is crippled ex worker of NSA and a famous line Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will guard the guards?. But the main element is the code breaking machine TRANSLTR . The TRANSLTR get struck with a code known as Digital Fortress, which is made by Ensei Tankado and is known to be unbreakable. Due to Digital Fortress, David is in grave danger and Susan Fletcher is busy in deciphering the code when she came to know the real face of her mentor Commander Trevor Strathmore. Digital Fortress by Dan Brown is the prudent and cunning book

I will give this book rating of 3.5 out of 5 and will suggest you all if you want to read Dan Brown’s book avoiding Robert Langdon series and you should inevitably read this book and even you have to debut Dan Brown’s book then his debut book will be best.

15 thoughts on “Book Review: Digital Fortress

  1. Nice review! In this book , technology goes way back to the end of twentieth century, when the concept of firewall was something new for the entire world. So the new readers should keep this fact in their minds before they read this book.


  2. Aspire to acquire the desire you admire, if in process you perspire, don’t retire but refire to acquire the desire you admire… Keep up the good work.😊👍

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  3. What a review Mannat…u keep inspiring me every time about things u mention in ur blog…great work….keep writing n keep inspiring me😊😊😊😊

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  4. Honest review. Straight from the heart. authentic,relevant and sincere.God job dear Mannat. Keep writing.
    Tons of wishes and may you stroke the impossible.

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  5. Hey ! What an honest Review …!!! No Hypes at all… After reading your Review people like me, who are not very fond of reading books would also be curious to read the same.
    You penned down so nicely Mannat.that even i am forced to know the meanings of some words (which i was not
    knowing before really).

    VERY HAPPY to see you growing this way….with so much hidden talents of yours coming out day by day.

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