Langar : Communal Kitchen

1st guru of Sikh ,Guru Nanak Dev ji started LANGAR. It is the communal kitchen. Its basic concept is to help poor and share among the society. The most amazing thing is that irrespective of your caste, creed, colour etc. All are equal and will be called Sangat. All will eat the same food (langar). This implies to all no caste barriers, no rich and no poor. All are Sangat. All can help making langar . The Sangat ( people ) sit in straight line (Pangat) and eat Langar.

It has a amazing story…. how Guru Nanak dev ji started Langar … When he was 12yrs old, his father gave him 20rupees ( Indian currency ) and told him to do some business, and buy something and make some profits. On his way Nanak dev ji saw some poor saints who were hungry , then he decided to buy some food from that 20rupees and feed them. When his father saw that he returned empty handed, his father became furious. Then Guru Nanak told him that he has done ‘Sacha Sauda’ (true business) and it was his most profitable business.

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