A Woman

Welcome to life of a woman…..

I am jovial to step in this world

Although , I was tried to kill many times before I was born

Although , when I was a new born, they abandoned me

Although, when I had right to education, I was doing household work

Although, during my periods, they made me feel dirty and guilty

Although, at 18 they tied me to new knot, without my permission

Although, I was grateful to this new knot,

but, I was beaten everyday

Although, my kids didn’t respect me.

Although, my kids thought I was useless

Although, my life was not mine

Although, my freedom was not mine

I am satisfied to leave this world peacefully

Although, I know no one will shed a tear or be sad for me,

but I am very jovial to be in this world

~Mannat Bhatia

16 thoughts on “A Woman

  1. Oh wow Mannat!!! Wat a write up….It’s short and so much sense dear…..hats off to u!! Thinking of such things at this age…Commendable!!!!

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  2. Amazed to see you writing this way as well….. such kind of mature topic, mature thought of urs… Short of words for you Mannat. Just Awesome……

    Kab itni Samajhdar ho gayi… Luv you always.

    Keep writing .

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  3. Well penned! Deep and thought provoking, infact a reminder for all of us… It’s good that you’ve observed and expressed what you’ve felt … but don’t let these sufferings on part of women community discourage you, take these as challenges and stand out victorious, setting positive examples for others….would love to see you grow as a person, with eye opening
    and enriching thoughts and expressions.

    Lots of love and Best wishes
    Vani …πŸ€—πŸ˜‡

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  4. Nice n simple. Short n thought-provoking. Showcasing the plight of women. But women are strong and known for their fight back spirit. Surprised by your thoughts n writing skills at this tender age. Love n best wishes.

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