Theory Of Constraints (Lock down)

Hope you all are doing well during this pandemic.

Due to this novel coronavirus or covid – 19, the lockdown is implemented around the world, but no need to take it in a negative way, rather we should work on how to make use of this time in a more positive and productive manner. This is the time to take a pause from our daily routines and discover ourselves truly, which will be head and shoulders above, don’t make this lockdown a fiasco of yourself but a triumph of your personality. 

During this lockdown you must have definitely explored the internet and found out the ways to keep yourselves engaged, and the most common answers must be to start painting, drawing, singing, to begin to learn new languages, cooking, stitching, being a bookworm, learning new musical instrument etc, and many of you must have started too but numbers of us are facing lack of resources, like if someone has decided to learn stitching and for that he/she will need a fabric scissors, yarn, machine, etc. which are the basic requirements for stitching but due to lockdown she/he is not able to buy it or rent it , these examples doesn’t end here. Here are some of the ways you can acquire or go in for when you are bored in this being isolated situation with limited resources. 

  • Recycle the Available Things in Unique Way – Renovate your leftover things. Example -you might have old newspapers show your creativity and make something new out of them.
  • Don’t be Copycat – Use the internet for ideas not for copying. This lockdown is for you. It is for your known creativity and to discover your own hobbies, if you are trying a new thing take ideas from the internet but if you know what to do, add a temper of your creativity to it and present it in a totally new form.
  • Decorate/Clean your Room – Whenever you are stupefied, explore the internet, take ideas and decorate your room. If not interested in decoration, then clean your room, arrange things in order.
  • Try to Develop Reading Habit – Sometimes all you need is a good company and what’s better than a book. Books are our best friend. It will take you into a different world. There is more treasure in books than in the entire pirate’s loot on Treasure Island. If you are starting to read a book but are not able to decide which genre will suit you then take help of the movies or series you are interested in, this will help you.
  • How To Read Books During Lockdown – So now when you have decided to read but have no book available during lockdown situation, then not to forget that we have many websites, apps, PDF (Portable Document Format), etc where e-books are effortlessly available, but if you don’t want to read e-books take the help of your friends (who share the same interest as that of yours.) 
  • Start Cooking – Try your hands on cooking with help online cooking tutorials, Many recipes are available which call for limited items and yet easy.
  • Self Introspect-  It’s now the time  to peep a little within, to overcome our fear, insecurities, it’s the time to relax your body and soul, overcome anxiety, guilt and even mental suffering. Talk about them all to your parents or on whom you can rely on.  It’s never too late to  try  and make things right  again.(at my age misunderstanding with friends or cousins)
    • As no one is going to rescue you from yourself- your inner demons, your lack of confidence, your dissatisfaction with yourself and your life. Only self love and good decisions will help you.
    • Your body and mind will heal only when ‘you’ allow it too. Start working on self and being satisfied with others as being dissatisfied will always take away your peace of mind.

There is only one thing more precious than our time and that’s on whom and what we spend it on, share your thoughts and experiences with your close ones. It will never make you feel isolated.

Stay home , stay safe, enjoy being with your loved ones, put a full stop to those complaining souls, who have always  said, you have never had time for them.

25 thoughts on “Theory Of Constraints (Lock down)

  1. I am short of words Mannat!!! Really impressed by ur blog and ur deep within toughts…


  2. Good Blog Mannat, Very deep thinking and really amazed to read the same.

    I am really very happy to see this side of yours.

    Keep Going….. wish you success in everything you do.


  3. Beautiful, so much more confidence in your 2nd blog as compared to the 1st. Your growth is visible and appreciable in such a short period.
    Keep up to it.
    You are doing great!


  4. Mannat really appreciable. Your inherent qualities are taking colours now.

    Deep within
    Keep writing!!!


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