How to read a book ?

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free” ~ Frederick Douglas 

Are you Astonished ? You might be thinking how surreal and uncanny it is. But the truth is, most of us are reading the book in a wrong way.

Whenever the question “How can I improve my language ?” arises, the obvious answer is ‘Start reading books‘, but after some time you will realize that your language is not improving even after reading books deliberately. No need to be annoyed. Here are some keynotes. If you follow ,you will undeniably succeed.

  1. Always carry a dictionary and a pen/pencil before reading. While reading the book, if you are stuck at a difficult word ,highlight it and then search its meaning. Do not forget to write the meaning somewhere for the later use .
  2. After reading, learn the new words and their meaning which you have discovered while reading the book. After learning , try to use them in your daily life and don’t forget to revise it frequently.
  3. Whenever you are not able to understand a paragraph or a page in your book, never ignore it . Read the paragraph or a page again and again till you are able to understand it . It will help you to understand the way of writing which you may use in your daily life .
  4. Always highlight the idioms, and do not forget to search its meaning, learn it and use it in your daily life .
  5. While reading the book, try to highlight the small details which you think might be important in the upcoming chapters. This will give you the ability to summarize the book.
  6. After you have completed your book ,do not forget to
  • Write the summary of the book
  • Write the characteristics of the characters in the book
  • Try to identify the setting, theme, plot, climax etc

So follow these keynotes and make your reading worth.

Wish you a happy reading .

22 thoughts on “How to read a book ?

  1. This blog gave me helpful information about the right way of reading a book. I will be following this to make my reading more effective.

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  2. Good Start Mannat.. Nice Blog, really helpful tips you have shared for reading.

    Proud of you and may you come up with flying colors.

    Keep up the Good work.

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  3. Very informative blog by u mannat…maybe by these points i’ll correct some of my mistakes that i commit while reading a particular novel….heartly thanks to you😊

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  4. i think these tips work for e-books, too, now that e-readers are getting more sophisticated, and you can digitally highlight text and add notes.

    Regarding the opening quote, I read Frederick Douglas’s autobiography and found it heart-rending and wonderful. I am certainly glad he learned to read so he could later on write his life’s story.

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